Thursday This-&-Thats: Archer’s Arm Guard

And in keeping with the Catching Fire theme for this opening week on Cinemattire, here’s a really gorgeous accessory that could so easily be overlooked:


No, I’m not talking about lovely Peeta…. (who is definitely not easily overlooked!) 😉

It’s the rather extraordinary gauntlet Katniss is wearing on her right arm. Anybody notice this during the film? Nope, me neither. But I did notice it right away in this still.

It’s presumably inspired by an archery arm guard (very useful things for avoiding being “thwacked” by the bowstring, as I myself can attest to, being a former archer). Yes, I know, I know, it’s on the wrong side – but it’s clearly meant as a fashion accessory here, and not actually intended for the range.

I also think its style suggests the Roman Empire connection that is so blatantly – and effectively – alluded to throughout the books and films. There’s something rather “gladiatorial gauntlet” about it.

Any further input on this particular costume piece, anyone? I can’t seem to find any further info on it out there in internet-land, but I welcome any comments!

~ costume designer: Trish Summerville ~

* UPDATE! Please see comments below for some very interesting information, sent by a person who saw this post and informed me that the arm bracer in question was designed by Una Burke. Her website is here:

2 thoughts on “Thursday This-&-Thats: Archer’s Arm Guard

  1. This is from Una Burke , a leatherworker from Ireland, currently situated in London in the UK. It was stolen from her collection after a photoshoot in London by an American Magazine who i wont mention and turned up 2 years later in this film !! She deserves full credit for the piece but alas the thief has neither given her the credit nor the piece back . Disgraceful bullying by a big American Magazine over smaller designers. You can find her and images of the piece @

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