Footwear Friday: District 12 Boots

Continuing with Catching Fire week, here’s the footwear installment….

Along with the previously mentioned Frye boots, Katniss also wears some intriguing ones with her blue District 12 overalls:


These have a workboot-like construction to them, echoing the utilitarian look of her overalls.

From the glimpses one can catch in the stills, Katniss seems to wear various nifty pairs of boots with some of her other Victory Tour outfits too – but they’re tricky to see clearly in the photos, at least the ones that are out on the web so far. More to come on this topic shortly, most likely!

~ costume designer: Trish Summerville ~

2 thoughts on “Footwear Friday: District 12 Boots

  1. I just had a look at your entire blog and all I can say is… WOW! What a great theme you have going, even if it’s just brand new! really interesting concept.

    and you have totally made the right choice in choosing Catching Fire for your first week! Good luck X
    instagram: @lankylane_

    • Thank you so much for your comment – I really appreciate it!!
      I’ve adored costumes ever since I was a little kid playing dress-up, and I’ve done plenty of “costume-gazing” while watching films over the years. Oddly, there seem to be very few web pages devoted to the subject, so I thought perhaps I should create one!
      Many thanks again! 🙂

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