Sartorial Saturday: Catching Fire

Today’s offering for Catching Fire week is from a promotional poster; these outfits aren’t actually worn by the characters during any scenes. (The only time they appear in the movie is as an onscreen image during one of Caesar Flickermann’s TV broadcasts.)


Some pretty striking imagery here, with stark white and silver connoting the shiny, sanitized world of the Capitol – in contrast to Katniss and Peeta’s rugged home district. The backdrop of angular buildings reminds me of the cityscapes from Fritz Lang’s 1920s film Metropolis, or perhaps something out of Italian futurismo….

I think the couple, dressed in their Victory Tour “whites”, look rather like fencing medalists on the podium, albeit with their tense expressions conjuring up exactly the right sense of the whole “victory” having been turned to the advantage of the powers-that-be. (Almost like that scene at the end of Mephisto – spoiler here! – where Klaus Maria Brandauer stands in the spotlight saying, “Ich bin doch nur ein Schauspieler!” – “I’m only an actor!” – with the crucial difference, of course, that K & P do not sell out in any way, and retain their integrity under duress!)

~ costume designer: Trish Summerville ~

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