Menswear Monday: Catching Fire

Carrying on with Catching Fire week, here’s a post on the male contingent….

Firstly, not wishing to jump immediately into the fray of the “Team Peeta vs. Team Gale” debate, I hereby present:

Team Haymitch!

(in the costuming realm, at any rate)

Haymitch actually gets to wear several striking ensembles in Catching Fire, although unfortunately there are no readily available images for some of them. Here’s a notably eye-catching one, though:


h grey

Whilst watching the film I observed – and admired – Haymitch’s ombré shirt. But it wasn’t till I looked up this photo afterwards that I noticed that his shirt and blazer actually have reverse ombré…. How brilliant is that? The shirt fades white to grey, and the jacket fades grey to white. Beautiful!!

Continuing with Catching Fire menswear, let’s bring Team Finnick to the field:


Yes, I suppose I could have put his memorable first “costume” here, but shirtless doesn’t really count…. 😉

Instead, here’s another stroke of brilliance by costume designer Trish Summerville: a fisherman knit sweater, for the tribute from the fishing district.

I myself owned one of these (the sweater, not the matinee idol!) in my teens, and boy, are they hard-wearing. If you get one made from pure wool and never wash it with detergent, it retains its natural lanolin, making it somewhat water-resistant. Ever seen (or felt… or smelt, for that matter!) sheep in the rain? Very “lanolin-y”.

But aside from lanolin trivia, the fisherman knit sweater (also known as “Irish knit” – which suits the name “Finnick Odair”), is a very classic piece that deserves its moment of fame. *pause for well-deserved moment of fame for the Irish knit sweater*

And finally, because I must confess to membership in both Team Peeta and Team Gale, here are the two leading laddies themselves, in some fetching outerwear:

Image Image

 & I shall leave you to draw your own conclusions!

4 thoughts on “Menswear Monday: Catching Fire

    • I actually very rarely check this blog anymore, so I haven’t done any further research into Haymitch’s ombre shirt. But I’m guessing you might possibly be able to find something similar on ebay!

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