Footwear Friday: Hidden Boots

There is a certain thrill you get when you discover a “secret” costume item….

For this week’s Footwear Friday, I’d like to disclose a couple of pairs of beautiful boots, covertly worn by Dakota Blue Richards in two of her films, and very easy to miss under those long dresses….

The first pair is from The Golden Compass (a mine of gorgeous costumery – more on that in later posts!):


So if you’re costume-oriented like me, you see this photo and say, “Hmm, yes, that’s a beautiful blue dress… WHAT ARE THOSE?” (Kind of like the “Figwit” moment in LOTR!)

Here they are in a right-side-up close-up:


Sigh…. white neo-Victorian button boots…. dreamy! And also in keeping with the somewhat steampunk-y aesthetic of the film.

And even more obscure, here is a second pair of secret boots, from the less well-known film The Secret of Moonacre (another trove of glorious costumes – and again, more on that later!):


And here is the close-up for these ones:


(Incidentally, The Secret of Moonacre is a film adaptation of an exquisite children’s book called The Little White Horse. The movie, though very enchanting in its own way, departs fairly significantly from the book in some aspects – but both are worth checking out!)

So, these are my personal favorite pairs of “hidden boots” – & fortunate Dakota Blue Richards to have gotten to wear both of them!

Anyone else have secret filmic footwear they’ve been admiring? 😉

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