Wednesday Woollens: The Pippin Scarf

Although there are a number of knitted costume pieces in the new Hobbit films (including scarves/gloves/etc. worn by dwarves such as Oin, Bofur, and Ori), there aren’t many woollies in LOTR. However, I did find one interesting little item….

* The Pippin Scarf! *


Mr Peregrin Took, the youngest of the four Shire-hailing hobbits, brings a little bit of home with him on his travels, wearing a rustic muffler with an earthy-hued pattern:


It also sports some fringes at the ends:



All in all, a nice homey piece of knitwear. Should you wish to incorporate a Pippin Scarf into your own wardrobe, here are two links to patterns:


Cheers! 🙂

~ costume designers: Ngila Dickson & Richard Taylor ~

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