Thursday This-&-Thats: Elanor’s Dress

For closing day on “LOTR Week”, I’m presenting a little something from the very end of the The Return of the King, the 3rd film in the trilogy. In fact, it’s such a little wee glimpse of a thing that you may not even have observed it….

Remember when Sam comes back from saying farewell to Frodo at the Grey Havens, and is greeted by his wife and children? Well, his daughter, Elanor the Fair, is wearing the sweetest little floral dress!


There aren’t too many photos of this costume, but it’s a lovely cottony

(or Cotton-y 😉 ) jumper….



And just a small piece of trivia to go with it: the little girl playing Elanor is actually the daughter of the actor playing Sam (Sean Astin), and the younger baby is played by the real daughter of Rosie Cotton (Sarah McLeod)!



~ costume designers: Ngila Dickson & Richard Taylor ~

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