*Winter Week* ~ Frozen Footwear

* It’s snowing where I am today *, so definitely time for something wintry! As a lead-up to Christmas, I thought it would be apropos to showcase some winter costumes from various films over the next few days.

For Footwear Friday, I’m alliteratively starting with the recently released animated film Frozen. “Great shoes in an animated film?” you say? Well, yes, I actually noticed them during the movie (which was, incidentally, an endearing little flick, and genuinely family-friendly, unlike many so-called “kids movies”)!

So here they are: Anna’s embroidered boots!


And in a (tiny) close-up:


I believe they’re intended to look Nordic (given the Scandinavian setting of the movie), and indeed the embroidery on them is somewhat reminiscent of the patterns & colors on a Norwegian “bunad”:


The general shape, however, looks more like something from a Russian costume:


At any rate, they’re an elegant pair of boots!

One can buy exact replicas of them, but I myself never advocate supporting mega-corporations by buying cheap assembly-line costumes made from toxic synthetic materials (end of rant!), so here instead are some vintage alternatives with a similar aesthetic:




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