*Winter Week* ~ To Svalbard with Lyra

One more post before the Christmas holidays! In keeping with the winter theme, I decided to feature the rest of Lyra’s “travelling” costume from The Golden Compass – the outfit she wears on her journey to the far north.


Yes, she even has an ermine in her pocket! (That would be Pantalaimon, in one of his many incarnations.)

As I’ve mentioned before, The Golden Compass is one of my very favorite films in terms of costumes…. There is such an intriguing mix of Victorian, steampunk, 1930s, Nordic, and “bohemian” elements to the costume pieces.

In an earlier post, I highlighted the “Lyra hat”: a pixie-ish woollen bonnet. For today, here’s a look at the Lyra coat:


It seems to be made from a pale suede-type material, decorated with floral patterns. It has toggle fastenings at the front, and there’s a heavy wool fringe at the hem. It also has a red velvet lining inside the hood:


Along with this coat, she wears the aforementioned “Lyra hat”, as well as heavy woollen mittens, and fur or sheepskin boots:


And, like the lassie in “East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon”, she gets to ride on the back of an ice bear….


~ costume designer: Ruth Myers ~

* Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas! Cinemattire will be back posting after the holidays. *

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