Wednesday Woollens: Bella Mittens

It’s time for another Wednesday Woollens!

Remember Twilight? Yes, I know, it’s been a while since it was all over the media. At any rate, whilst some adored it and others contended that it was of rather questionable merit cinematically, Twilight undeniably showcased a great number of appealing knitted items… starting with the mittens Bella wears upon her arrival in Forks:






Here’s one shop (among several) from which to acquire some:

And for the knitters amongst you, a free DIY pattern:

One for “baby Bellas” too (awww!):

 Of course, I cannot make an iron-clad promise that if you wear these mittens, you too will become the object of desire to a vampiric Byronic hero… but you will at least keep your hands warm. 😉

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