The Humble Undershirt

In a previous post, I discussed the (in)famous scene from It Happened One Night, where Clark Gable removes his shirt only to reveal that (*gasp*)… he isn’t wearing an undershirt!! This purportedly caused a small furor at the time, even contributing to an immediate drop in sales of men’s undershirts.

However, lest you think that the lowly undershirt therefore has no allure or no place in men’s cinematic attire, may I please re-introduce you to Robert Parks, the valet in Gosford Park who is so suavely played by Clive Owen:





And yes, this is indeed the memorable kiss scene as well:

And let’s not forget a couple of classic-film undershirt-wearers: Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, and Paul Newman in Harper ->



In addition, Nigel Havers gets to display the undershirt’s athletic propensities in Chariots of Fire (with Ben Cross representing the long-sleeved variety):




2 thoughts on “The Humble Undershirt

  1. Best scene in the film 😉 I love it when a man has dark hair on his head, but no shaggy mat on his chest (or heaven forbid, his back)! But as to undershirts, Marlon Brando is the King!!

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