Animal Apparel

No, I’m not referring to fur coats…. (Since I’m a vegetarian and animal-rights advocate, I can’t really support those!)

However, sometimes characters actually wear almost an entire (faux) animal…. Here’s a small handful, just for fun!


Lily Collins, in a Björk-worthy swan dress, in Mirror Mirror


Sebastian Saraceno as “Wolf”, from Mirror Mirror

nl2  nl

Brighton (Nathan Lane) as a human cockroach in Mirror Mirror


Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) in her lion hat in Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix



Katherine Hepburn as a silver moth in Christopher Strong




Drew Barrymore, Melanie Lynsky, and Peter Gunn in butterfly & horse costumes in Ever After


2 thoughts on “Animal Apparel

    • Yay for vegetarianism! 🙂
      (Although I guess I’m technically a “pescatarian”, since I do eat a bit of fish sometimes too….)
      Isn’t that moth stunning? I’ve always liked moths – the neglected cousins of butterflies!

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