Wardrobe Galleries: Jane Eyre (Miscellaneous Gems)

And finally, a display of just a few of my favourite costume details, scenes, props, backdrops, & moments from JE 2011….

The Exquisite Teacup (and emotionally reined-in tea-taking)….


The Writing Desk….


The Kiss in the Sunlight….


THAT Line (“You transfix me quite!”)….


The Net Mittens ~ & The Doll!


The Lined Bonnet & the Accompanying Modesty….


The Historically Accurate & Therefore Very Gratifying Absence of Mascara….


The Tortoiseshell Comb….


The Moorland Scenery….


The Hands….


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Galleries: Jane Eyre (Miscellaneous Gems)

    • Thank you, Linnet!!
      Yes, I do feel that this version of JE wins hands down for period-appropriate (and Brontë-appropriate!) aesthetics: the landscape, backdrops, costuming, and even the decor of the rooms all subtly suggest the currents of feeling surging beneath the surface serenity. It’s all very “still waters run deep”, and the visual palette of greys and blues helps to evoke that. (And of course, I am also a huge fan of Mia Wasikowska’s performance, as you know!)

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