Style Snapshot: Mallory Grace

In an earlier post, I mentioned having had the experience of watching a film, completely caught up in the story, but then suddenly in the midst of it saying, “Look at that outfit!” Hence my “style snapshots”.

For today, I give you Mallory Grace (played by Sarah Bolger), from The Spiderwick Chronicles. She’s got a head start from the get-go in the style department, because she does fencing, which is a rather intrinsically stylish sport. (As it happens, I myself used to fence, but that’s really neither here nor there…. Me, biased? Pas du tout! 😉 )

In addition to her sword (an accoutrement which always takes any costume to another level of impressiveness), she wears a butterfly-appliquéd maroon shirt, olive green pants with a wide leather belt, brown suede boots, and a flower-patterned denim jacket layered over a long-sleeved floral shirt. She also wears a sweet necklace with a whimsical variety of beads. And as if all that weren’t a great enough ensemble, there is a fantastic steampunk eyepiece to top it all off (separate post to come on that!).


Here are a few more angles…




…and a close-up on the necklace:


And here are the original costume items themselves:


Mallory also wears a green multi-strand beaded bracelet (although I must admit I did not notice that detail during the film):


Her other outfits, worn during scenes near the beginning and end of the movie, are just as good – youthful and “hip”, but with a slightly Bohemian tinge:




Wish I could post a link to a knitting pattern for that scarf, but so far I can’t find one! Will keep looking…. 🙂

~ costume designers: Odette Gadoury & Joanna Johnston ~

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