Style Snapshot: Prokopi Kakas

It took a sharper eye than mine (that of the family member I watched the film with) to spot the two tiny-but-noteworthy costume details in My Life in Ruins, the unfortunately quite forgettable follow-up to Nia Vardalos’ earlier smash hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (I will preface this with the rather irrelevant comment that I myself don’t have an unequivocal fondness for the first film either – yes, it’s definitely pretty funny overall, but I just couldn’t enjoy seeing the non-Greeks portrayed as 2-dimensional, uncultured ignoramuses. And I have some Greek family connections too, so my reaction is definitely not due to a lack of appreciation for Greek culture! But leaving all that aside, it’s undeniably a vastly superior film to its pseudo-sequel.)

So! On to those elusive costume items….

The lamentably named Prokopi “Poupi” Kakas (occasioning a guilty laugh at the 12-year-old-boy humour of the name) is one of the most appealing characters in the movie – which isn’t saying much when you consider that almost everyone else is a walking stereotype. He’s also rather easy on the eyes. However, what stood out to my viewing companion was:


The cuff!

Yes, whether sporting his bus-driver uniform, evening attire of button-down shirt and jeans, or merely swimming trunks & a pair of sunglasses, Prokopi (played by Alexis Georgoulis) always retains his handsome dark leather wrist-wear… two separate bracelets, actually, as you can see in the image below:

My Life in Ruins





And in case that weren’t enough to fix his “I am a brooding and slightly unusual guy” image, they added something even niftier to his outfit:


Can you spot it? It’s…


A pocket-watch chain!

Not something you see too often on modern characters, but always appreciated by historical-costume-philes such as myself.

Bravo to my eagle-eyed contributor for spotting these! 🙂

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