Style Snapshot: Alice Ayres / Jane Jones

I must admit that Closer is not my usual type of film – a bit too risqué for my more Victorian tastes! 😉 Still, I am very willing to concede that it is an artfully done piece of cinema, with brilliantly razor-sharp dialogue (you can tell it’s adapted from theatre), and sterling performances from all the leads, clearly guided by a master director (Mike Nichols). I especially admired Natalie Portman; there are some mixed opinions out there on her acting skills in general, but there’s also a general consensus (backed up by a Golden Globe!) that she is excellent here. She is totally believable as Alice, simply inhabiting the character. 

Some of her later outfits in the film are – ahem – well, let’s just say there’s not enough of them to comment on (plus I’d like to keep this blog family-friendly)! But my favourite of her costumes is the one she wears early on in the movie, just after settling into her new London life. It’s the outfit she’s wearing when her photo is taken, and its simplicity and youthfulness suggest Alice’s artless vulnerability: 


She wears a pair of jeans, a white tank top, a black hoodie with white racing stripes (I’m fond of those!), and black ballerina flats. Upon looking closer (pun, pun), you can also spot the only touch of colour: a pair of tiny green hoop earrings. 






~ costume design: Ann Roth ~

5 thoughts on “Style Snapshot: Alice Ayres / Jane Jones

  1. I actually, surprisingly, really enjoyed Closer! I think it’s because of the color, people, and music. I love the setting, and I want to see more of the clothing design from you!!! 🙂 🙂

    • I agree – it’s an artfully done piece of cinema!
      So glad you liked the Closer costume post… I may revisit the film in future (leaving aside the risqué costume pieces, which aren’t quite in my line!). 😉

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