Beautifully Obsolete Attire


*Note: I was honoured to receive a comment (below) from the film’s designer herself, Linde Aseltine! Due entirely to my personal tendency to be self-deprecating (since sometimes I find myself almost apologizing for my obsession with costume, rather than celebrating it as I ought to do!), I had originally not given the costumes in this film their full due, nor been completely accurate in my descriptions. I have since updated my blog, and would also like to add in this fabulous tidbit of information from Linde: “the entire film’s wardrobe was purchased from thrift stores and Ross for $300 total. And I did it in a week!”

That elicits an unabashed “Brava!!” from me! Many thanks again for the comment, & the extra info! 🙂 *

The costumes in Obselidia (2010), a little gem of a Sundance indie film, may be less conspicuous than the movie’s profound overarching themes; however, like the film itself, they are subtly beautiful. I don’t want to tarnish your viewing experience by telling you too much in advance about this somewhat obscure piece of cinematic art, but I will start by saying this: if you haven’t seen Obselidia (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you haven’t, since I had never even heard the name before happening across it at the library), please do yourself a favour and find a copy to watch!

The film is a poetic, or sometimes elegiac, meditation on the ephemeral nature of things, especially in the growing shadow of environmental degradation – and yet it’s not dispiriting; rather, it’s life-affirming. The way it’s filmed recalls certain aspects of Italian neo-realism or  Dogma 95, with slow pacing, long shots, realistic dialogue, and relatively unknown actors. (And there’s a quirky little Amelie-style soundtrack thrown in for good measure!)

The main character, George, is a quietly eccentric young man who is compiling an encyclopaedia of obsolete things. His own lifestyle and abode are consequently filled with the detritus jettisoned by a civilization in haste to move onward to the latest and greatest gadgetry: George uses an old-fashioned typewriter, posts his letters, rides a vintage bike, and drinks Earl Grey tea (no doubt brewed from loose tea leaves, although it’s never specified!).

He also wears ’30s- or ’40s-esque banded-collar shirts, vests, and fedoras. As a good friend of mine once said to me of Amelie, when recommending I see the eponymous film, this character is “a jewel”….







(although the above image is tiny, I had to include one photo with the pogo stick!)


~ costume design: Linde Aseltine ~

P.S. Actor Michael Piccirilli seems to dress similarly, at least for the promo shots!




4 thoughts on “Beautifully Obsolete Attire

    • Hi Linde,
      Oh my goodness – many thanks for taking the time to comment! It’s a privilege to have you here!!
      I no longer keep this blog updated, and only check the associated email once in a blue moon, so it took me a while to find your comments. I’ve now updated the blog post accordingly (please see note at the beginning), and would like to thank you very much for your input, and for your fabulous costuming! 🙂

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