Escaping Confinement with Phryne Fisher

Oh, my… these are some truly strange and unsettling times. I hope whoever is reading this post is staying home & staying safe! I figured that since I am currently doing the same, it was as good a time as any to post something on ye olde blog….

So, what does one binge-watch for some fluffy escapism during a quarantine? Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, of course!


Now, I myself am not generally an avid fan of mysteries… (with the exception, always, of the sublime Jeremy Brett’s classic Sherlock Holmes: a long-time favourite, a master-class in nuanced acting, and the undisputed gold-standard in Holmeses).

Having said that, I do adore a bit of Miss Fisher now and then – and, strangely enough, the costumes are actually not my primary motivator here. Sure, they’re lovely…


…but is anything as lovely as Phryne’s little misfit family? Sweet, loyal, sensible Dot:


steadfast Mr. Butler the butler (love that):


Cec & Bert the “red-rag” Socialists:


Jane, the reformed-delinquent daughter:


Mac, household-satellite and trail-blazing doctor:


and Hugh & Jack, our favourite stalwart (& dishy) representatives of the law:


Also (despite her extensive philandering, which isn’t my personal cup of tea vis-à-vis romantic behaviour – although one friend likened it to the parallel antics of a female James Bond… Jane Bond, anyone?), Phryne is quite the role model in many ways, representing a brand of liberated female who is often missing from conventional shows. (For a good article on Phryne as a feminist champion, see this page:

So, if you’re seeking a light, fun, eye-candy-ish romp for these lengthy months of self-isolation, look no further: Phryne is your girl!

And even amidst all those glorious dresses, I must admit that my very favourite outfits in her (anachronistically-MASSIVE-even-for-a-very-wealthy-woman-but-who’s-counting) wardrobe are the two that feature knee-high, lace-up, brown leather boots:



Okay, you can’t actually see the boots in that second pic (although I do fancy the rest of the outfit too), so here’s a close-up:


Cheers to Phryne, and stay healthy, friends!


~ Costume designer: Marion Boyce ~

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